Types of prostitutes

Types of prostitutesWith an ulterior motive this profession is called one of the most ancient. Courtesans, prostitutes, women of easy virtue - this profession in the past and in the present had a set of names! But it was never identical. Since the most ancient times of the prostitute were divided into several types: one humoured emperors, and sometimes and empresses, others - caught good luck on streets.


Now, division into types also remained. It is possible to allocate the most popular and extensive types of this profession:


  • "Humeral" prostitute;
  • Escort prostitute;
  • Individual;
  • Elite prostitute;
  • Online prostitute or "Vebkam model".


At the same time, one woman can be not only "girl escort", but also, for example, online a prostitute.


So, we will sort each look separately. It taboo subject, so, interesting, isn't that so?


"Humeral" prostitute


They are called still road or street prostitutes. By the way, for good reason - they cost on the route or, in rare instances, on the street and "hundred-heels" the cars passing by. Road prostitutes have no so-called "roof", that is any protection or the attendant. Therefore this profession is very dangerous. Smaller that can happen to such courtesans - will not pay with it work. Most often the long-distance truck drivers going by truck or the truck become their clients. When they catch the prostitute, that sits down not forward, and on back sitting, that is, at a shoulder. From there and name, "humeral" prostitute.


Of course, in street prostitutes go not from good life more likely from a hopelessness. In most cases, it is girls from suburban villages or villages. Or it can be the women who did not get to "escort" because of not enough good physical data.


Escort prostitute


This look it is possible by the right to call the most popular. The escort prostitute is that call girl about whom almost everyone knows. Distinctive features of this look are:


  • The price is higher, than at "humeral";
  • Skill of each prostitute - for example, on the website mosdosug.su where you can order courtesans of Voznesensk, about each girl is specified that she can do and what services to provide (classical sex, an anal, BDSM, a striptease and other);
  • Beauty, freshness and respect for hygiene;
  • Existence of "roof", that is the company for which the woman works;
  • Maintenance existence (with the girl there will be a security guard or the bodyguard who will not allow to leave service unpaid).




Escort prostitutes have such subtype as the individual. These girls work for themselves because bothered to share him money with "company". As a rule, it is skilled prostitutes who can grant the most treasured desire of the client. They differ in presence of the bodyguard and bigger similarity with an escort from street.


Elite prostitute


The elite prostitute - a look inaccessible for "mere mortals" as the cost of these courtesans exceeds, sometimes, even the imagined opportunities. Naturally, such prostitutes just like that you will not become. It is necessary to be able practically everything, to be young and beautiful. And it is not everyone will be able.


Elite prostitutes are the most often than other types turn into "kept women". Kept women are the courtesans bought for the uncertain period of time by the man of means. They live at his expense, carry out all his desires and receive money for the work.


Online prostitute or "Vebkam model"


With development of global network also such type of prostitutes appeared. Their main difference from all other types is that they do not come into direct contact with the client, and only entertain him on the webcam. Online the prostitute can work both for herself, and for the company which provides to her not only advice from more skilled girls, but also a living space with the free Internet.