SexTo me the other day it was executed eighteen, and to Elena was only seventeen. I was crazy just about her. Not that she was the super beauty, but to her for some reason attracted me. I felt in her an outlet. Most of all to me in her the big magnificent bang attracted her. She was just smart. She carried different clothes style, but suited her sports more, it emphasized her quite good figure. She had a talent to write verses, and such that even touched deeply. She as will read the new masterpiece, my tears gather in the eyes.


I for hours could admire her face. Can seem to others that she has the most ordinary face, but for me it was perfection top. I even in the middle of the night wake up and I see before myself his reflection. I somehow told Lena about it, she only laughed.


I loved her already long ago, but she did not notice me. She had other guy, and then when he threw her, I dared to her to approach and talk. She set to me a severe condition that we will be only friends as she does not want any relations yet. I agreed, there were no place to disappear. I was so tormented the whole eight months, long long and painful months. But then there came the happy moment. I decided to act.


We sat and had tea at her in a drawing room. And here I asked her about what dreamed to learn the answer so long ago about. I took an interest as she treats me. She reddened a little, but then admitted to me that she has to me feelings too. And we kissed. It was our first kiss which lasted, probably, the whole eternity. We so would sit for a long time, but we were returned to reality by a call to a door. She told that I hid in her room until she shows the door the father. I then outright was frightened as we were taken unawares on the most interesting place.


After that case we became more often to see and spend time together. Once we went to the beautiful lake from which beautiful landscapes open. We were much bought and laid down on a coast to sunbathe. I lay near her beautiful body, and here covered me, I terribly wanted sex and began to act. I kissed Lena on a mouth, then began to kiss a neck, ears. She felt wrong and tried to resist, but I continued the caress and reached a brassiere. The quick movements of my hands Lena lost this element and to my look her smart breast appeared. I stuck lips into them and began to suck. Here Lena began to resist even more, but I overcame this protest. I began to go down below, reached her charming tummy.


And this barrier was overcome. I reached a treasured hillock between legs. I took off from her shorts and to me her gentle bud opened. I only slightly touched with language as Lena began to coil and groan wildly. Most likely, that she did not even masturbate. I quickly enough brought her to a mad orgasm and on me the stream of never-ending sperm rushed. I drank all this nectar and carefully licked her cat. Lena lay all happy to madness. Then she stood up and, faltering, told that she wants to make it and me too. I was ready to it. As I understand female psychology. She the careful movements took off from me pants, and to her look my genital body appeared. She saw it for the first time, nevertheless she skillfully took him in a mouth and under my sensitive management began to suck it. At her not really it turned out, but I was so excited that terminated just at once. I forced her to take a sip of my sperm though she tried to spit out it. I sat down on a grass. But having seen a naked body of Lena, my "companion" was in combat readiness after a while. I began to stack Lena on a back. She guessed that has to occur and began to be nervous considerably. I began to calm her that everything will be good. My words worked, and she calmed down a little.


Then I very carefully began to enter into her the member, but she screamed from pain. I stopped and began to explain that it will pass and further it will only be pleasant. At last, my words reached her mind and she completely relaxed. I continued the movements and after a while we terminated practically at the same time. Lena lay happy and happy, and I embraced it for a waist and kissed on an ear, whispering her the brightest words of love. To us it was good together, it was possible to lie so long and to do nothing...