You kiss me everywhere, 18 me already

Young confused Staraya KupavnaIt seemed, just yesterday there were 18. Graduation party, final exams, entering a university, work, work and once again work. So you also did not notice how 40 years suddenly appeared suddenly. But 40 years are a biological, but not psychological age. At heart you still the same 18-year regular guy ready to flirt practically with each "skirt". There is a wish very young, the shapely, for such beauties of full vital and sexual energy with chubby cheeks.


But whether these 18-year-old a passion in Old Kupavna to the relations with you are ready? And whether itself can order the young inexperienced courtesan, being already successful taken place man in 40 years? Let's try to understand.


Bases of the relations with the young maiden


  1. Give her more freedom

    No matter, that still yesterday she studied at school and was cried in "vest" to mother concerning unfairly put two. Now she is completely independent and adult girl who fully bears responsibility for the life and acts. You do not rush with her as with the little girl of babyhood - provide her more freedom, and she will thank you great love.

  2. Keep the shape

    To correspond to the very young and slender maiden, it is necessary to be in good shape. You remember it when you are going to enter into the relations. 18-year-old can start a romance and with the elderly man, but with it which will have no "a beer tummy" and other delights of "sofa and football life". Register to the gym or, at least, make regular jog in the mornings.

  3. Be a man

    Irrespective of age, it is necessary to remain the man. And it means that practically in all vital questions and situations it is necessary to dominate. Who makes the decision to what restaurant to go? Of course, you! Who solves whether there will be a sex today or not? Too you! Do not allow her to take the initiative at all.


In sex


Sex with very young absolutely differs from that with mature. If suits the middle-aged lady "if only rose, and on that thanks", then for the young young lady it is necessary to give all the best at full scale. And though for all the life she hardly saw many erect of penises, nevertheless the brief experience for certain is available. Here it is important not to deceive her expectations. If she already had a sex with age-mates, it is necessary to try and not to lose very strongly face. If you at her the first, matters is a little expedited as the girl has nothing to compare. Anyway, do not relax, with such in sex it is necessary to be on the alert.


And what with young courtesans?


To prostitutes in fact all the same - young or mature to them the man came. They with pleasure will give pleasure to any client, irrespective of age. It is not so simple to find in real life to the mature man the very young maiden what you will not tell about courtesans. Any client can pick up to himself the maiden on any age and taste, having just come on MosDosug.


New girls: