generalnaya-uborkaI already not boy. I have a full-fledged family, the good wise wife from whom I have no secrets and secrets. We always find a common language and we take of each other the hint. I very often remember my first sexual experience. I with him shared with the wife and I want to tell also you.


I was a boy and dreamed of sex with the nice woman, and secretly I, of course, masturbated. All elements of a female body were interesting to me, beginning from a breast and finishing with hips and buttocks. When I went down the street among crowd, wanted to touch with a hand these pleasant places, to feel their heat and a charm.


I observed how female silhouettes move and it brought me, I began to finger "friend". Liked to masturbate and made it on many times per day, so in me everything burned and flared, there was a wish for passion.


It was warm spring day, my parents decided to leave me one, but that it was not boring for me parents allowed to invite my best friend that he remained to spend the night with me. We watched some movie on TV, and the call to a door was distributed here. I opened a door, our cleaner was on the threshold. I let in her the house, she on the way disheveled my hair and was surprised that us two. But it did not disturb her, she will make the work and will leave.


She had a tremendous figure, what is necessary. Big elastic breast and wide hips, dream of any man. I knew that she has a husband and the little sonny, I secretly often watched her and built various imaginations in the head. But it were only dreams. We continued to watch the movie, and the cleaner took a mop in hand and started the responsibilities. Through some time I noticed that I look not in the TV, and my all eyes are attracted to smart buttocks of the cleaner which bent and clean after a sofa.


I looked and could not tear off a look, this look was so fine. Her deep thighs in combination with a smart bottom were simply magnificent. At me in pants something began to move. I looked at the friend, he also with might and main stared at the cleaner and openly the member masturbating. I pushed him sideways, he in reply approvingly nodded. I took a hand the member too and began to rub him, from these movements he all strained and tried to escape from trousers.


Both of us sat, as if bewitched, and observed for occurring. Suddenly the cleaner faced us and told that we watch something not there.


"Really I am much more interesting, than what is shown on TV?".


"And with what it you trifle there? And well show". She approached us closer and grabbed with the playful hands for our members.


"Oh, yes here something is hidden, and well quickly showed that you hide there". - she even shouted at us. Long it was not necessary to persuade us. We in a trice threw off the disturbing trousers, and then and pants for a long time and appeared before her in all the beauty.


The cleaner too in vain did not waste time. She threw off from herself clothes and remained in one shorts through which the hairy hillock appeared. This look excited us even more. My member became such firm as if a stone.


At last, she took the last detail of clothes and appeared before us completely naked. She widely placed legs that we could see all picture entirely. Then gesture beckoned to us and showed that we have to lick its large vagina. We did not know how it is correct to do it, but decided to try. I got the rough language deeply into this open miracle, and on a body of the cleaner the pleasure wave ran. The companion began to process its anus, trying too will reach a vagina.


Then she grabbed with a hand for my member and dragged to herself. Her chubby mouth was completely incorporated by my member. She began to suck furiously it that gave me incredible pleasure. My companion nestled the language to her vagina and was active on full there. I felt approach of an orgasm and thought to pull out the member from her mouth, but she to me did not give it to make, and it is even more swallow a bait. Then I relaxed, and from my member the powerful stream of sperm took off, she drank this hot nectar and smiled. Just at this moment my companion brought her to an orgasm too, and she was killed in convulsions with my member in a mouth. We fell exhausted. After a while the cleaner rose and saw the sticking-out member of my friend. Then she made also to him the first-class blowjob from which he also filled her mouth with sperm. All remained happy.


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