Luxury buttocks

Luxury buttocksI stood at a gate and nervously smoked, mother forbade me to smoke in the house. Down the street there was an aunt Tanya, our neighbor. But it is only this way in words the aunt, actually it is only 5 years more senior than me and looks fantastically. But she goes and notices nobody. Of course, as you will notice here when she very strongly got drunk and throws her on all road. I called her the loud bass, she looked with the slow movement in my party. Then she hardly squeezed out from herself words of a greeting, something absolutely incoherent.


She went down the street in a fur coat when outside there was an early autumn, but as it appeared, under a fur coat nothing was, anything at all.


The fur coat sharply swung open, and to my look just astounding body appeared. Breasts smoothly shook on wind, and her cat was smoothly shaved and pleasantly attracted to herself. From such look my friend began to move in trousers. Of course, to begin to move, I am a young guy and hormones rage be healthy.


Whether she asked houses mother what I answered that she is absent and there will be in about two days. Then she shaky gait went towards my house.


She tried to cross through a step, but legs did not obey, trudged, then she sat down near a porch and decided to be facilitated. After that with a smile upon the face nevertheless managed to cross through a step and I helped her. And itself held her for boobs at this time, they were such big and elastic. Pleasant there were feelings. Usually for such actions I was hit on a muzzle, and here is normal, the aunt Tanya did not react to my movements, her was all the same. She found our old sofa and failed on it from all force.


I looked at this drunk beauty and enjoyed the fine review. She asked me about mother again, and I understood what to explain to her is useless. Here she asked vodka. I brought the begun bottle and two shot glasses. Poured her and itself. She at one stroke drank this shot glass, and I poured her the second after which it was chopped off and fell to a sofa, breathed heavily. I was frightened, began to bother her, but it appeared, she just fell asleep. Then I passed a couple of cups for calm too and in my head the artful plan ripened. She drunk in stuff and will remember nothing. And such naked beauty a sin not to use. Here she lies, take and use.


I sat down, pondered everything and decided to act. I carefully curtained off curtains, cleaned the slightest hole. Then I threw off a fur coat from the neighbor and well parted its thighs. To me the incredible picture opened - its wet pussy opened the sponges and attracted to itself. However, she had a look not really, but to consider was once. As the member just held apart from desire. I threw off from myself all clothes, climbed on the aunt Tanya and began to stick into her with the member. But nothing was impossible to me. Then I thought that it is necessary to take the member in hand and to direct where it is necessary. I got from the first, made several movements and terminated. In the head darkened, and I plummeted to earth from pleasure.


After a while I regained consciousness, it was my first full sex. Now I decided that it is necessary to study her body thoroughly in all details. I fingers opened her pussy and began to rummage there. Studied at first small vulvar lips, then big. All of them were wet and hot. I wiped sperm a rag that there were no traces of crime, and began to study further. I saw a clitoris, I began to rumple it a hand and from my movements it began to be poured by blood and to increase in sizes. From my manipulations the neighbor began to turn over on other side. Then I decided to study her bum, opened buttocks and looked on the other hand, even tried to thrust a finger there. But the neighbor muttered something and densely squeezed buttocks. At me the thought in the head flew that too fucked in the ass. But I think that I will be in time still.


I tinkered with her bum and decided to give up this bad job. Still stinks awfully, washed hands with soap. My member stood again as it is necessary and I decided to bang her cancer in a pussy. So much better and the review good, it is visible process. I began to enter smoothly the member and to watch process, it very much was pleasant to me. This time I held on a little longer, and I was covered again by a pleasure wave. This the night was. I terminated, probably, six times. The last already with a great effort. There was a wish to have a really good time, enjoy, so to speak, the moment, and that you never know when following will turn up.