Why men go to prostitutes

Prostitutes are always popularBefore condemning prostitutes for their "ungrateful", shameful and inadmissible occupation, it is necessary to understand the following question. What pushes representatives of a strong half of mankind in embraces of these girls which provide the numerous questionnaires on the website the MosDosug? It is far not only physiological desire as it became clear.


But at first about some opinions of men …


It appears, most of men do not consider prostitution something out of the common bad. Only some percent holds the opinion that this occupation affects very negatively women. There are such men who treat relationship with the prostitute exclusively efficiently. They, as if, just buy the girl with a set of the services provided by her therefore practically all can do with her, and she, in turn, cannot refuse anything. One more category of men are those which, thus, remove from themselves freight of moral responsibility. And there is still a certain percent of the men considering that to remove the prostitute will be more honest, than to tempt some girl, especially, the first counter.


And now about the reasons pushing in embraces of prostitutes


There is a lot of reasons of it, but we will consider the most widespread:


  • Sexual dissatisfaction as the most popular occasion of pastime with courtesans of the city of Pushkino. She can appear because "soulmate" does not want to bring something new in sex, to experiment and furthermore, to try some obscene sexual practicians. But happens and so that the man to be ashamed to admit to the darling in some the imaginations, including them too dissolute and therefore follows this satisfaction to the prostitute of Pushkino. And sometimes what, by the way, happens very much even often, the dissatisfaction in sex pushing men in voluptuous embraces of "moths" is the result of cooling of feelings between partners and transformations of sex into a routine.
  • Novelty of feelings - the following reason of a demand of whores. Many men by nature of a polygamous cannot be also content only with one woman who, besides, bothers over time. And not to destroy the marriage they look for a variety in prostitutes.
  • Prostitutes are the most magnificent mistresses. Quite so some percent of "males" thinks.
  • "I am an owner of a situation, I - am wealthy in the men's relation" is an opinion of some men spending leisure-time with dissolute seductresses. Such representatives of the powers that be like to dictate rules of the game, choosing women irrespective of presence of the wife. And the main key moment is here in what they choose, but not them.
  • For solidity wealthy men, paying a craze like "restaurant - a sauna - girls spend time with elite prostitutes". By the way, many do it to lagging behind the not less rich colleagues, acquaintances and friends.


What reasons of visit by men of prostitutes would not be, the fact remains - these sexy, skillful seductresses in the sexual plan were always demanded at men and remain those and now.