Anal sex: myths and conjectures

Anal sex: myths and conjecturesThe mankind practices anal joys many millennia. It is no wonder that during this time this subject managed to acquire various myths and conjectures. It is necessary to know that anal sex is understood as not only the act of a coition, but also some other forms of intimate joys. It is a fisting and anilingus.


According to the American scientists, 40% of men at least once in life tried anal sex with the woman. This subject constantly causes rough discussions. Someone speaks for, others - against. Let's consider the most popular beliefs concerning this type of love joys.


It is very sick


Many will be surprised, but this most popular belief. If to exercise in anal sex judgment, then it will bring to nobody any pain or inconveniences. It is all about preparation: development of an anus, lubricant, special condoms with lubricants and exercises - will help to derive from process only pleasure.


All men who want an anal - the hidden homosexuals


Scientists and psychologists proved for a long time that between homosexuality and anal joys there is no communication. Thirst for this business means only that the man wants experiments and looks for new ways to derive pleasure in a bed.


Anal - the direct road to many diseases


For a start it is necessary to understand that condom is obligatory here. Without him it is impossible to have anal sex! Use condoms both any infectious and venereal diseases will not be terrible.


Many are afraid of hemorrhoids. It it is not necessary to fear too. That he appeared, it is necessary to practice anal daily and 10 times. If to play about them few times in a week and to be protected, then the threat to health will not be.




Anal joys were considered the last decades as a taboo. However with the increased popularity of the Internet, these conjectures begin to disappear. People became more competent, informed in this question and already understand that anal sex is safe and very pleasant both to the man, and the woman.


To practice anal it is possible only in one pose


Lie. There are many various anal games. First, sex can be both in a position "behind", and in positions "standing", "sitting", "on one side" and still a set of derivative options. Secondly, the anus can be caressed lips and fingers and to use erotic toys. The human imagination is boundless. Here the main thing to try different types of caress and to choose for itself the most convenient and pleasant.


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All people different and if the wife (girlfriend) is afraid of experiments, then it is not necessary to hurry her and the more so to force. Try to bring her to it gradually. For now business did not reach anal joys, it is always possible to address women of easy virtue and to meet the desires.!