Group sex - double pleasure

Erotic imaginations "walk" in each head. Women represent one, and men absolutely another. But sometimes thoughts meet and everyone wants to become a part of the real group orgy where there are no bans and borders.


 Group sex


Group sex for couple


Most often married couples which lack feelings and passion think of such experiment. Prostitutes to Mytishchi are ready to offer dissolute couples the services. To include the second girl in ordinary sexual intercourse is a dream of each man. The combination of WMW is considered the most popular and demanded. At the same time every second married woman thinks of how it to be in a bed with the lady. Such experience allows to satisfy erotic dreams of each of the sides.


Sex three together to embellish sexual life without doubts. At the same time this is not about treason and the subsequent partings. Everything occurs at mutual desire, so, it is possible to derive the true double pleasure. Group experience of MWM demands more responsible approach. The man has to know precisely that he will not be enough an anger attack when the stranger begins to touch intimate places of his spouse. Women opposite wish to make such experiment with the body, feelings from double penetration not to be made even to anything.


What it is necessary to know about group sex?


Having decided on group sex it should be taken into account some moments. First, to solve who will participate in this sexual madness. But do not attract friends at all, otherwise it will lead to the following:


  • friendship collapses in 89% of cases;
  • the respect vanishes;
  • there are awkward moments after holidays when sex happened because of alcohol.


It is better to visit the website MosDosug and to choose the dissolute maiden who with pleasure will join married couple or two companions. Group sex can sometimes total 4, 5 and more partners. In this case the courtesan should be warned in advance as not all call girls work with crowd.


Secondly, it is necessary thinking, where exactly everything will occur. It is the best of all to have the room of the hotel, otherwise neighbors can look sideways after too stormy night. It is impossible to get drunk to be gained courage. Very much often such sex brings dissatisfaction, and a bunch of unpleasant diseases. It is better to take care of protection at once and to discuss some moments. For example, not all girls are ready to have anal sex or to practice double penetration. These moments, civilized people solve in advance.