Extreme sex with prostitutes Mytishchi

Extreme sex with prostitutesNew feelings are looked for by each person. Someone is eager to try exotic food, and some wish to jump from a parachute to feel unknown adrenaline. There are also others - they seek to find the partner who will turn ordinary sex into the real adventure.


Extreme sex - norm or a perversion?


How to define where the norm comes to an end and the perversion begins? Actually normally all what is pleasant to both partners if it does not violate someone's rights and laws of the country. The extreme can be shown differently, especially so far as concerns intimacy. Anyway courtesans from Mytishchi are ready to make with you an experiment and to present the brightest sex in life. For this purpose just it is necessary to visit the site "MosDosug" where the frank questionnaires are exposed by the best courtesans of the city.


Under extreme sex places, poses, conditions and even a type of intimacy can disappear. If there is a wish to receive thrills and it is pleasant to be in a condition of danger, then it is necessary trying to be engaged in this matter in the most unpredictable places:


  1. Outdoors - the most popular option, it is possible to refer walks in the park or rest with friends in tents here.
  2. Public places - clubs and even transport will be really juicy place to satisfy the sexual requirements. At the same time it is necessary remembering that for the games it is possible to incur real punishment in the form of a penalty or administrative responsibility.
  3. Sex under water - pools and various natural reservoirs for this purpose by all means will approach.
  4. Small spaces - elevators, cabins of a toilet or fitting rooms.
  5. The thrown constructions or roofs of buildings - sex under stars always smells slightly of the truth romanticism.
  6. Balcony or window sill of the apartment - for those who are not afraid to shock neighbors with the role-playing games.


Extreme conditions for sex


That it is not necessary to create them a lot of imagination. There is nothing difficult to find the partner of other nationality or advanced age. But at the same time to have sex with the Black or the mulatto very exotically and not ordinary.


If physical training allows, then it is possible to try the most intricate poses from an ancient Kama Sutra. Here skills of a twine and an excellent extension will be useful. Various objects from intimate shop will bring special peppercorn in the bored sexual intercourse too. Chains and handcuffs can serve for the benefit if there is a wish to excite the partner's flesh to exhaustion. At the same time do not forget to stock up with vibrators which will get into the most intimate places.


BDSM is some kind of extreme sex too. Of course, it should be practiced gradually, otherwise it is possible to frighten the partner. It is important to observe precautionary measures and at once to establish a framework of legal. Only then sexual intercourse will not bring physical and moral pain. To whom to dominate, and who will submit - it the decision is made by both partners if of course, you did not decide to try group sexual intercourse in which there is no place to shame and constraint.