Golden shower (out) in Moscow

Of course, over time even the most tremendous sex bothers and there is a wish for something new and interesting. Even the anal, role-playing games and a group sex bothers. Many men want such experiments as a golden shower, but only here not all girls agree to it. For the majority it is something very dirty. But it does not mean at all that you will never be able to try entertainments of this sort. It is just necessary to address the correct girls who in sex have no taboos. But where to find them? Girls wait for you on the website MosDosug. Exactly here the most beautiful are brought together, the sexual and liberated girls of the city of Moscow.


What can be done


Many the prostitute provide such service as a golden shower - delivery. You will be able to make in her territory in a bathroom, or, for example, at your place or in hotel. Of course, previously you will need to discuss all moments with the courtesan in advance. It is also necessary to note that the golden shower has a set of options:


  • You can just watch how the courtesan urinates. At the same time she can not concern you in general.
  • You can call at once two prostitutes who will be urinates at each other, and you will only watch it.
  • The prostitute urinates on an own body.
  • The courtesan urinates on you. And there are several options - she irrigates only your body and does not get into a mouth or, on the contrary, the prostitute urinates in a mouth. Here everything depends only on your preferences.
  • Delivery during oral sex. The prostitute can will urinate when you do her a cunnilingus. By the way, some girls not against various objects as it gives them pleasure were entered into an urethra.


In BDSM the golden shower is used for punishment or, on the contrary, encouragement of the partner. So if you want to stay as the slave, then the golden shower will be very much even by the way in your role-playing games.


By the way, if you want that your spouse wanted to try similar things too, then you can go together with her to the prostitute. When she from outside sees that there are girls, which not against such experiments, perhaps, the wife will agree to it too. Many girls are afraid of it only because consider such joys excessively perverted. And when it becomes clear that others are engaged in it too, they relax and afford more.