Fetish in Moscow

Addiction in pleasure or what is a fetish?


If you come to full combat readiness only from contemplation of stockings in a network, or scarlet sensual lips, then can safely rank yourself as fetishists. In this case the person it is simple not to estimate in forces the partner as a complete sexual object, he can feel an attraction to wigs, clothes details, separate parts of a body.


How to give pleasure to the fetishist?


Actually, it is very simple to make it: everything that is required, it to learn that acts as a fetish. As soon as the answer to the matter is received, the problem is solved. At the same time it is necessary to remember about the next moments:


  1. The client is capable to derive pleasure only from contemplation of a certain subject, in this case the intimate proximity can not be necessary.
  2. For excitement maintenance the person often needs to behold a fetish during sexual intercourse.
  3. About an opportunity to diversify with something carnal joys it is necessary finding out from the client in advance. As a rule, fetishists are very selective at the choice of the partner and a kind of sexual services.


Whether the fetishism is a deviation?


It is impossible to answer unambiguously this question. If the fetish is for you defining, and without it you cannot be adjusted on the necessary harmony and are not capable of intim at all, then, perhaps, consultation of the psychologist will be useful.


In a situation when the fetish acts as an additional source of pleasure and is not an obligatory element of sexual joys, it is not necessary to speak about a deviation. Situations when the person, having sex only with busty blondes, takes a pleasure maximum are frequent, in this case the fetishist him to call difficult. And here if all his attention during sexual intercourse is concentrated only on a breast of the selling maiden or her linen, and all the rest does not matter, then it is already a fetish.


You will be able to derive sheer pleasure from this or that fetish, having trusted in the professional prostitute who is a good judge of it. You will be able to find the skilled prostitute without difficulties on the website the MosDosug. But before you agree about a concrete meeting, it is necessary specifying at the girl whether she offers those services which interest you. Also not superfluous will be to learn the price for the hour spent with a moth and in a night in her company. It will help to avoid misunderstanding and to spend time in the pleasure, but not to spend it for clarification of various nuances.