Intimate lounges of Moscow, Teplyj Stan

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Teplyj Stan

Modern men get only a little orgasm and satisfaction of lust. Many of them are just hungry for more from a woman and spiritual communion. The capital's prostitutes working in sex parlors Teplyj Stan very far from stupid. They are well-read and educated, always able to maintain a conversation and practical advice to help. No wonder in these zavedeniyahsolidnye men choose their girls for escort. These prostitutes real intelligent lady. Of them can say the beauty, elegance, taste and style perfectly combined with the mind. Each of them has a higher education and knows several foreign languages. In addition to the support of our clients and photo / video, these charming photo model can offer the following:


  • Elegant, clean, royal apartments.
  • Complete anonymity.
  • Unforgettable classic sex.
  • A variety of poses.
  • Delightful anal sex.
  • Simultaneous multiple partners sexual satisfaction.
  • Funky cunnilingus.
  • Professional blowjob.
  • Gentle touching tongue to all intimate places, including the anus.
  • Erotic Massage.
  • Exciting striptease.
  • Interesting outspoken lesbian show.
  • Torture strap, whip pin prick.
  • Exciting role-playing games.


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