Intimate lounges of Moscow, Sretenskij bulvar

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Sretenskij bulvar

You forget when you had sex? From memory erased the feeling of boobs rubbing on your chest? You are so very tired that they no longer want for someone to care for, wasting time and nerves, and then, having achieved a girl for a long time working on it, trying to satisfy it? And how could it be nice if relaxing in the cabin, and your wand appears Amazing girl all lift, runs on top of you and give it to the rhythm of peace, which is so lacking.


You all seem unattainable dream? Do not despair! The girls from the sex parlors to "Sretenskij bulvar" - a sorceress who remodel your sexual dreams any limitations and any complexity.


The good old tricks armed with sex salons:


  • No lowlands, only the high quality work with male personal belongings.
  • True decency: you pay, and they - are given completely and without reserve.
  • Control appearance: Girl all the money spent on beauty salons, solariums and cosmetics stores, as well as spend time in the boutiques and adore jewelry.
  • Without arrogance and contempt! During sex, amazing squirrels and radiate delight!
  • Punctuality (nymphomaniac well aware that you are a busy and respected man, they value your time and will never keep you).
  • Dignity, which they prefer to operate very carefully and cautiously (but it is over, belongs to you).


Obviously, the station "Sretenskij bulvar" rose in your eyes, and you want to take advantage of its infrastructure and imperceptibly sexual spirit that will lead you directly to the salon for girls. To have fun in the lounge - do not need much. Just call, and considerate administrator will list the full range of services, as well as pick up a girl to your taste.