Intimate lounges of Moscow, Serpuhovskaya

Salons not yet.

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Tempted and visit one of the intimate lounges, located near the metro station Serpuhovskaya. You will be able to find a suitable restaurant nearby and meet the stunned girl for passionate sex. If you like this course of events, the site mosdosug you can select and a prostitute, and a salon.


On Mosdosuge place their profiles completely different women, including working in the intimate salons. They exhibit their erotic photos and much detail describe the services that are willing to provide.


  • Traditional vaginal sex. This is not a boring action in the missionary position. Cabin confused - and Zateinitsa whore, sex with them will seem even more sweet and pleasant.
  • Oral sex with a condom and without it, ending in the chest, face, in the mouth or wherever you like. Girls are constantly improving their professional skills by learning different techniques blowjob. Experience the charm of a professional oral sex with these sultry crumbs.
  • Anal. Prostitutes openly love anal, because men pay good money for it, and the girls themselves get pleasure from it. Anal joy to pilot confused - this is the height of intimate pleasure.
  • Group sex. Inside, any combination is possible. Girls go to great lengths to bring you pleasure. Order two girlfriends lesbian, come to the salon to the other, ordering a whore for two, or call a prostitute to her home to get her in the marital bed number three.


The range of services of Moscow prostitutes is much broader. Inside, you will be able to discuss more specific your requests or administrator to discuss their secret fantasies directly from a courtesan. From the cabin you will leave satisfied, satisfied and happy because of firework orgasm in the arms of gorgeous girls.