Intimate lounges of Moscow, Polezhaevskaya

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After heavy, monotonous everyday life every normal man wants to relax. And most of all to relax in the company of one or even a few cute girls.


If you do not have time to search for friends, visit the sex parlors in the metro station "Polezhaevskaya." They work most skilled prostitutes for anyone eager to pleasure a man:


  • Sexy blonde;
  • bold brunette;
  • fiery red lioness.


Fans and lush, and the slim young ladies may find yourself the one that you are sure will lead.


Choose your favorite Putana, you can indulge in the pleasures of sex chat area, where there is a specially equipped room, or wherever you want to invite the slag. The girls from the "Lie down," there is no taboo in sex or erotic fun.


Courage disclose the handling of your desires, and be prepared, because the prostitute perform all at the highest level. It will give you the height of pleasure, immerse into a fairy tale, a holiday.


Whore can offer you:


  1. A varied sex (group, anal, lesbian, in different poses).
  2. Oral sex (blow).
  3. Exciting dancing (striptease, lesbian show).
  4. Massage (relaxing, classical, erotic).
  5. Other entertainment (Extreme, BDSM, role play).


Do not be afraid of contracting the disease, because the girls are constantly undergoing tests and have a health certificate. You just enjoy the slag, which takes your whims and caprices. This she does with great pleasure and enthusiasm. Indeed, in contrast to ordinary girls in the streets, sex parlors metro station "Polezhaevskaya" real professionals and amateurs in their field.


Choosing a mistress for the evening, feel free to tell her what she should do. After all, you are the chief, but it is not. And she likes it. She is ready to submit to his client, and that to delight him and myself.