Intimate lounges of Moscow, Planernaya

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Moscow women (girls and wife) loves to care for themselves in beauty salons. On the one hand, they get pleasure from this procedure, on the other - they like the attention of other men, even if it is shown in the views. Changing the image, rejuvenation treatments in the SPA-salons - is what gives true delight women of wealthy husbands. And this takes a lot of money.


And worse than men? They, too, need to have fun in their own way. In addition, no matter how beautiful was not the wife, still bored sex with her for several years. Sometimes temperamental the stronger sex would like to experience the thrill of "on the side." You do not necessarily have mistresses, which also connects the responsibilities in the relationship. Ideal to preserve family idyll - relax a couple of times a month in the arms of a prostitute chic salon in the metro station Planernaya. Besides gorgeous sex - it's a wonderful way to rest from the intense, even high-paying jobs. Of course, wealthy men do not always have a large amount of time, so the best method to obtain minutes of happiness - this visit sex salon, where customers will be offered several girls to choose from. These ladies are able to professionally give pleasure inaccessible to their wives:


  • Qualitatively make a blow.
  • New classical gratification of sex poses.
  • Satisfaction best perverted desires (anal sex, fisting, rimming, etc.).


All these pleasures are readily available to men and young people who can pay well. Girls with the metro station Planernaya take in the cabin in a pleasant atmosphere or go home (hotel). She will arrive at the appointed time. These priestesses passions differ punctuality, while appreciating their customers.