Intimate lounges of Moscow, Pionerskaya

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With the metro station called Pionerskaya, in middle-aged rolls memories of the old days of their youth or childhood, when young people in school dedicated to the pioneers, all students wore uniforms. All that changed, though, and in those years, too, the guys wanted to sleep with a classmate. There are rare case where the guy managed to sleep with the school "love", many dream remained unrealized.


Unfortunately, life is but a dream always have the right to exercise. Intimate lounges, located near the metro station Pionerskaya, will help to fulfill your desire for comfort with "girls in the form." Working here fascinating "night fairy" can help realize your sexual fantasies fully by using role-playing games. Age 18+ all models, but there is a girl with good looks nymphet. Wearing uniforms, they will remind you of old teens. Major orders for the game:


  • "Teenage schoolgirl" in pioneering form, in white stockings with pigtails and bows.
  • A nurse in the hospital a short gown with deep neckline on the chest and under the clothes - stimulating red or black linen.
  • Many excited girl in police uniform in a tight blouse and miniskirt.
  • Snow White - a girl in a white dress meek.
  • Maiden in Russian traditional dress in red or in the style of Santa Claus.


There are many other outfits that customers associate with characters from fairy tales (Cinderella, Thumbelina and many others). Cabin prostitutes perform your every desire and realize the idea of sex and fantasy. After the service the girls from the salons of sexual services, you will remain unforgettable memories of beautiful moments spent in a tender embrace.