Intimate lounges of Moscow, Kuznetskij most

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Kuznetskij most

Name Kuznetskij most metro station fairly accurately describes the situation in the market of night pleasures in this region. Kuznetsky Most can be called even a symbolic name that describes the kind of corridor or even a real bridge between the gray world full of everyday boredom and bright world of moths that both languid and graceful cheetahs violate the forbidden border and deliver unreal delight its visitors.


To get to the "other planet" completely unnecessary to sit in a flying saucer - just apply to the sex parlors Kuznetskij most metro station. Here the client understand at a glance, or even poluvzglyada.


Behind you is the timing of when and for which period you need a curvy babe, and you can submit your preferences to your partner looks for enjoyment:


  • high;
  • low;
  • light;
  • dark;
  • pyshechka;
  • skinny ...


Here you will pick up a girl who is most suited to the image of the woman of your erotic fantasies. Nobody will impose the customer what he does not like.


The girls from the salon can do everything you can to provide a variety of services to all kinds of sex to massage, and erotic dance. Among other things, modern geisha are able to maintain a conversation, they're pretty good psychologists and companion. They can not only cause the sauna, the club, but also take on a more serious event as an escort.


Unique role-playing or petting a few beauties could melt even the coldest heart lone traveler. And when the two indifferent to each other pussies start to caress each-other, then you will realize how sexy it looks in reality and will be able to join, this is supplemented by a very nice couple.