Intimate lounges of Moscow, Kolomenskaya

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Modern brothels of the capital famous for its theatrical performances, each of which ends with rough sex. It is well known that a great foreplay that precedes sex, helps to ensure a long pleasurable orgasm.


The sex parlors located near the metro station Kolomna, sexy actress show the following performances:


  • Enchanting and gorgeous strip pros.
  • Bewitching and frank Striptease amateur.
  • Passionate and original lesbian show soft.
  • For the most sophisticated lesbian revelations.


Spectators orgasm, without waiting for the presentation, and the most persistent of them after a dissolute performance can be punished as a member of its participants.


Learn when and what will take place presentation, please visit Mosdosug. It is better to agree on the price of admission. For regular visitors to the theaters is a flexible system of discounts.


Intimate salons Kolomna practice all kinds of BDSM:


  • Tramplining.
  • Flogging.
  • Fetish.
  • Soft domination.
  • Slave.
  • Ms.
  • Bondage.
  • Games.


At such extreme sex agree not every sexual partner, and these girls with sex salons such sexual pleasures delivered only pleasure. Prostitutes enjoy torturing their "victims" of a strap or whip. Fans of pain can make a shot pin. As a "victim" may be not only a man, but a woman. Ladies even greater love to be plagued by a professional, leading thus to a frenzied climax. For all event can watch the process of a man, who in the end will punish tormentor or "sacrifice." Everything will be as you want customers who are always right.