Intimate lounges of Moscow, Filevskij park


Filevskij park

Experienced courtesan working in the sex parlors metro station Filevskij park, will bring any customer to mad orgasm without sexual intercourse. Come to this park unique gourmet pleasures and entertainment and see for yourself. Tickets for rides can be ordered via the website Mosdosug.


Intimate lounges are constantly replenish their ranks brand new female employees. These girls need your help first. You will need your hard cock gently develop all their intimate tight holes. Maybe even this problem is not resolved in a single session. But the girls will remain very grateful. Then, to their customers, they will be able to provide the following sexual services:


  • Classic vaginal sex with elements of various games and massages.
  • Anal antics on both sides.
  • Spontaneous extreme sex with an unforgettable ending.
  • The full satisfaction of all sexual partners involved in the act of love of creation.
  • Charming lesbian sex with your wife.


The brothels Filevskij park Metro Station client will receive the desired for a very reasonable price. No one will try to capitalize on mutual pleasure. Confused making love, not only for money but for the satisfaction of their sexual appetites. The money you pay prostitutes, she first of all spend on the care of their bodies (visit beauty salons, gyms and swimming pools, balanced nutrition, physician visits, and so on). You want to be hosted in the luxurious guest mistress, so basically for it and have to pay, not the funky sex.


Intimate salons around the clock and give each customer an unforgettable experience 24 hours a day, weekends and holidays. Magical finish and a variety of entertainment is guaranteed.