Call of the prostitute. How not to get into an awkward situation

Addressing professional prostitutes, many men are afraid to get into the inconvenient situations forcing them to redden or to feel awkwardly at the time of intimacy. Prostitutes are different, but all of them set before themselves only one purpose - as much as possible to make pleasant the to the client, to meet their expectations. Quite often very young full age men who for the first time meet such professional kitty address professional young ladies, and do not know how with her to behave. It is not necessary to dive into a whirlpool with the head, it is rather simple to suggest the prostitute to drink tasty cognac and wine then the conversation will be struck up in itself, all constraint will pass, and you will be able to enjoy long-awaited pleasant process of sex.


Modern prostitutes


Call prostitutesIf courtesans see that near them there is a timid client who only the first time meets such service, then they will not pose as the inaccessible maiden whom it will be necessary to achieve. Girls will do everything possible to save the man from awkward situations and as much as possible to weaken before process. Not to seem too naive boy, it is not necessary to start crying at the sight of the beautiful courtesan, it is only her work, and she will not be able to offer anything else to the customer. The man has to feel confident, is liberated, sometimes to take the initiative, showing to the prostitute that for him it too exclusively a game in which he can adequately behave.


Prostitutes perfectly understand why men address them therefore initially it is not necessary to give itself for the quiet, lovely and unapproachable boy. It is necessary promoting in everything to the young lady who will try to inform only of the most gentle and pleasant feelings the client. The prostitute initially perfectly understands, than the next evening and in what mood the man has to leave her will end.


To avoid awkward situations after sexual relations with the prostitute, it is necessary using surely means of protection from sex, condom will be ideal option. Girls in return can use various contraceptive means, but they will render protection only to them. To increase safety level at the time of sexual contact, it is the best of all to give preference to the professional Moscow prostitute from the website "MosDosug", there the presented only well-groomed prostitutes who surely watch the appearance and any danger do not show.


Where to call the prostitute?


Some Moscow courtesans are ready to arrive to the man home at any time and in his conditions to provide all necessary services. But in that case the man has to take care of purity and an order in the house, of existence of the corresponding situation, the prostitute first of all the woman. It is very important for her that all conditions were accepted for sex, allowed to relax and be excited as much as possible. If there is no such opportunity, then it is the best of all to come to apartments to the courtesan. She there will always have a pleasant and corresponding atmosphere.


Remember that you anyway eat to the woman, and to her it is very important that your appearance and a smell was pleasant and did not irritate. It is surely previously necessary:


  • To descend in a shower.
  • To make toilet.
  • To put on fresh linen and clothes.
  • To clean teeth.


Only then it is possible to go behind search of satisfaction. One prostitutes can not tell you about what from you unpleasantly smells, and others will be able just to make blush and to force to go to take a shower. A situation not from pleasant therefore to avoid it, it is necessary thinking surely of these nuances in advance. Prostitutes are the same women with whom men go out on dates, but here only they do not make any claim, do not force them to drive in restaurants, to go by expensive cars. For courtesans pleasant appearance of the man, desire to have satisfaction and ability to make contact always is on the first place. Sometimes happens to the closed and rough men very difficult.