Salon of massage

Erotic massage from courtesansThe fatigue got the best and interest in life is lost? There is a wish for new sensual feelings and impressions? All this will be able to present unforgettable massage in our salon which it is possible to register in a session on the website Mosdosug.


Erotic massage. What is it?


Contact of a body of the kind, tender, gentle, and loving hands, here what is massage. Each person needs a touch in the same degree, as in food or water. Massage is necessary for one and all.


Erotic massage by hands of professionals of this case will dip into the world of unforgettable feelings, earlier never tested. The wide spectrum of types of massage which is carried out masseurs with the high level of skill which they constantly increase is offered.


Impact on a body happens gentle and caressing during which only pleasant feelings, unlike other types of massage are felt.


Erotic massage - what is it?


  1. Excellent method to relax and reduce stress.
  2. Improbable gentle professional fingers of the naked masseur.
  3. Massage performance only taking into account individual preferences and feelings of the client.
  4. Strengthening of sexual potential and desire, thanks to alternation of slow touches and quick.
  5. Erotic massage will help to wake the dozing imaginations, energy, sensuality will return.


Advantage of erotic massage


Gentle touches of the beautiful masseur who feels all your desires, incidentally touching a breast, the procedure begins with it, preparing a body for apogee of a session. You will reveal for yourself a secret of such massage where treatment and erotic solo performance are joint that will dip into luxury of relaxation and pleasure.


It is necessary to tell also about improving effect of massage. Technically correctly performed procedure normalizes a blood-groove, puts the nervous centers in order. And where the medicine can help nothing, massage cures.


At the request of the client gentle contacts of hair and lips can be applied, to be used aromatic oils or whipped cream. Great goddesses will deliver the sea of pleasures to which you will not be able to resist, and will be given by all the being in their professional charge. All your desires will be granted also in the intimate plan, it is worth asking them about it.


In addition, the received abilities by all means should be applied also in relation to the darling, whether it be the wife or the girlfriend. That is, having visited our massage salon, you not only receive improvement, positive emotions and pleasure, but also valuable experience.


Our offers


  1. The massage which is carried out by professionals of the case.
  2. Various massage programs.
  3. In each room there is a shower cabin, or a jacuzzi.
  4. Purity and top-level hygiene. To all clients the disposable sheet and a towel is given.


For an example, the description of one of a set of types of massage which will let know, be how various feelings can. Impact on a body is carried out by fifty different ways alternating with each other. Thanks to such technology, sides of erotic feelings extend. Relaxation changes excitement and upside-down. Also the improving orientation is not missed here. It is based on knowledge of corporal memory of some zones of an organism coming to a condition of activation in a certain condition of mentality. That is, thanks to tactile influence, in the correct order, this memory wakes up and the negative moments which are saved up by mentality are liquidated.


You will be able always to choose the masseur to the taste - goddesses of Greece, the priestess of Egypt, the geisha of Japan, the princess of India. Any will lead you to the unforgettable fairy tale of pleasures, and relaxations. You will only need to choose the beauty and a type of massage which will suit time most at present.


Best massage from a masseuse MoscowAfter the first time you will surely visit massage salon regularly, every time opening for yourself all new and new feelings. Cardinal difference of our massage is that the procedure is performed without squeezing of skin - only tender strokings of a body that will allow to enjoy not only tactilely, but also esthetically. The strengthened attention during the session is paid to especially sensual places on a body.


Dare to visit the real holiday of a body, indescribable simple words! In Moscow, modern megalopolis, the best option to have a rest it is simple not to find. Spend time for yourself, allow gentle professional fingers with a fine body of model to bring the mass of unusual pleasures.


The cozy room with the pleasant weakening music, aromas of essential oils and refined aromas at the muffled light of candles, and the most important, an environment of female beauty which brings to your body pleasures, novel hitherto. All this will ship you in a nirvana, an absolute relax. You will forget about all problems, receive a huge charge of a positive, and pleasures.


Our life is very prompt. So you should not lose the pleasant moments which are given by massage. There is nothing better than relaxation, and along with it sensuality. You surely want to arrive to us again to feel pleasant feelings again and again!