The prostitute - is better, than the mistress

Whether you thought sometime of this question? For certain, such thoughts at least once in life visited each man. And it is unsurprising - to choose most the best option really difficult. But we will try to understand whom it is more preferable to have presently - the prostitute or the mistress?


The mistress - who is she such?


Call prostitutesFrom time immemorial people arranged the private life, entering lawful civil connection. Men chose to themselves the woman, the closest both spiritually, and physically. The passion arising at the beginning and love has over time property to die away. It is difficult to live with the person to whom does not pull any more. An exit is simple - to find the woman "on the side" which will return those former feelings of impetuous passion and love.


And all anything - to run with the hare and hunt with the hounds. The man very quietly goes secretly from the wife to the mistress, receives from her everything that receives less from the wife, and at home leads quiet family life which very much does not want to be destroyed after long years of formation. Often the family wants to be kept also for other reasons, for example, because of financial or housing aspect.


Irrespective of the initial background, the mistress remains to that with which it is possible to spend cheerfully and carefree free time, having received the maximum dose of sexual satisfaction. But not everything is as iridescent as can seem at first sight.


The relations with the mistress are not only sexual entertainments, but also a certain share of obligations. Over time the mistress begins to understand - why "to give" just like that when it is possible to do it for money? Numerous prostitutes on MosDosug which earn by the body are an example, receiving for it very much even quite good money. The mistress sees it, understands and begins to think - and than I am worse? I can earn on it also! And here the most interesting begins.


If right at the beginning the man was the main thing, established rules of the game, then subsequently everything cardinally changes. Now the former innocent girl who was voluptuously whispering ardent love speeches on an ear as if accidentally asks to throw her a money on allegedly "a new sexy underwear from which you will want me even more". In practice everything comes to an end with epic "divorce" of the man on money and gifts. And this cycle can proceed indefinitely while the man does not realize it and everything does not decide to stop.


The former beauty loses the former attractiveness over time, acquires kilograms of fat and becomes covered by one hundred wrinkles. Such "to blow" precisely on the fan. Here fans, actually, also remain with such, and the real men of Moscow run from such, sparkling heels.


The prostitute - it is favorable, simple and available


After understanding that the mistress - not the so fluffy white hare, follows reconsideration of all wordly values. Here the man also comes to the most important conclusion - to replace the mistress with the prostitute. Also it is completely right! Thereby he not only gets rid of the mistress who is eternally asking money and lost beauty, but also receives the beautiful, slender, sexy beauty of the dream.


It is plus not to count:


  • You foreknow how many money and when you spend for the prostitute, all prices are in advance known;
  • You can choose the most convenient place where you wish to be engaged in sexual joys;
  • To you not "blow up brains";
  • You operate time and individually decide how many to have sex;
  • it is possible to choose that from which at you jumps up to heaven, but not to be content with that which is;
  • absolutely any obligations.


And it is only a small part of advantages. The most important - you remember that the choice anyway for you. Quite perhaps, your mistress - an exception to the rules and really loves you and gives everything that is necessary, without taking anything in exchange. However, it is rather an exception to the rules and meets pretty seldom.