Leisure in Moscow

MosDosug - site sex entertainmentQuite often in Internet open spaces, it is possible to meet a question: "How to spend leisure-time to the man, using service intim?". Answers meet different. In most cases advise renting of prostitutes and leave numbers or write on questions to address in privat. Reading comments and comments of men on such prostitutes, there is a wish to laugh to tears. For this reason for guests of our capital there is a special website "MosDosug" which is engaged in granting intim of services for men.


Why "MosDosug"


Of course, the Internet is filled with the similar websites which offer services of removable girls, but all this not that. Our website guarantees that after the night spent at least with one prostitute of this portal, you will feel a full euphoria and you will be able obviously to open completely eyes on the intimate life. We assure, after the first time you will want to address on our website again and again.


The MosDosug has for a long time the acquired base of regular customers who never regretted about the choice. Only here you will be able to find the most charming companions for the evening or the whole night. The pleasure of course not from cheap, but it is worth it.


What services are provided by selling girls


On the website a wide choice intim of services both is provided for men, and for married couples. If you the fan of classical sex or anal, then to you to us. Perhaps, you want to experiment with a group or to take a fun with lesbians? Then the correct way - again to us. For those who the big fan of blowjob always dreaming that made it professionally also we recommend to visit our site. Believe, local girls do it so professionally that from the feelings you will flit in clouds. For thrill-seekers and fans of a sado-maso of MosDosug will become a stick-vyruchalochkov in search of the partner. Besides, it is provided on the website different types of massage and a striptease.


What services are the most popular


Many men in most cases, use service of usual classical massage that soon turns into passionate sex with the slave. Despite banality, it very much excites any man. Our prostitutes the massage will help you to relax and remove stress after the unlucky working day, and sex, of course, will give the lot of pleasures after which everything will want to be repeated again.


Sex and blowjob without condom is popular. This service is not deprived of danger, but men very much love it. Besides, role-playing game is popular.


For maintenance of image of the man, in most cases, use service an escort. Why for maintenance of image you ask? Men order this service that at business parties or an important meeting or just among friends to look stylishly and surely near the improbable beauty from among elite models.


We suggest to get acquainted with the website and the description of its services


Getting on pages of the website, you will get to Heaven. At once before you the gallery with photos where all local prostitutes are provided opens. Each folder comprises some of the most candid photos which the girl provides from the portfolio. In the questionnaire information on the lady, that is weight, growth, a bust, etc. and, of course, the description of the provided services, the prices for hour and night, and also contact phone is provided.


At the left from above there is a Selection of Questionnaires tab which contains such categories:


  • new questionnaires;
  • real India;
  • checked;
  • gallery;
  • elite girls;
  • girls in apartments;
  • girls on departure.


In each such category there are girls matching the description. And at the very bottom there is a "advanced search" tab where it is possible to describe criteria of desirable search.


The qualifier tab, contains the services offered by the website, namely:


  • sex;
  • striptease;
  • massage;
  • extreme;
  • sado-maso;
  • miscellaneous.


Each such tab comprises various categories and gallery with girls who provide such services.


For example:


It is possible to find in category "Sex" anal, classical, group and lesbian. The same category, offers such services as: blowjob in condom and without it, deep blowjob will also pass in the car. It is possible to find here and a cunnilingus, toys and options of the terminations (on a breast, in a mouth and a face)


The third tab - it "Striptease" can be found a professional and nonprofessional striptease, and also an easy and frank lesbian show here.


Our website provides a wide choice of services of massage, namely:


  1. usual massage;
  2. professional;
  3. Thai;
  4. urological;
  5. weakening;
  6. erotic;
  7. dot;
  8. Oriental cherry branch.


There are two categories for fans of extreme feelings below. Namely Sado-maso and Extreme tab.


These tabs contain such sex services:



To describe each of these services on our website there will just not be enough place. Better, as they say, once to try, than just to read.


The last tab - "Miscellaneous". It contains such services as role-playing games, an escort and video, and also photographing. Many couples during the visits to Moscow address on the website in search of new feelings. Therefore in this tab in most cases order role-playing game (for sex three together) and professional video filming of sex the husband-wife-prostitute. Some like to combine role-playing game and video filming.


How to order the prostitute on the website?


How to order a prostitute on MosDosugeFor the order of the night fairy the client is engaged in search of the desirable questionnaire, that is chooses the prostitute in galleries. It is specified in each of them all services which are provided by the courtesan. Further after the choice of the questionnaire it is possible to study information and the prices, and then to call by the specified phone. The address on which the prostitute is engaged in rendering services is specified in questionnaires. Calculation to be made on the place.


It is possible to call the website MosDosug safely the best for leisure in Moscow and why we described already above. Check pages and be convinced of it.