The main services of prostitutes of Lobnya

Services Lobnya prostitutesFor certain, those men who visit or were at least once at the prostitute of Lobnya, know about all advantages of these sexy dissolute girls. Besides their sleek, sexuality, perfect forms, experience, they have one more indisputable advantage. This variety of services which these seductresses offer in the questionnaires on the website MosDosug. At each of girls of "easy" behavior the set of such services. But, as a rule, at everyone is identical which are the main. They are offered by almost all prostitutes unlike the additional services which are more non-standard and not so often meeting. Today we will talk about what is included into the list of the main services of "moths".


Classical sex


It is one of the most "innocent" sex services consisting in vaginal penetration and it is, probably, the most widespread both among prostitutes, and among clients. But even such traditional type of sex at each courtesan of the city of Lobnya strikingly differs according to many characteristics:


  • to the technique;
  • to poses;
  • duration;
  • preludes and so on.


Therefore at different prostitutes you every time will open for yourself something new.




It is also one of number of the most widespread services of courtesans. But, the matter is that not each seductress to agree to oral caress without condom. The majority specifies in the list of the provided services only blowjob with an elastic band. And without her it is necessary to pay for caress, as a rule, in addition. However, and this service is provided especially individually that distinguishes each prostitute from others. Many girls of "easy behavior" begin rendering services to the man with blowjob, using him as a prelude for the maximum excitement. And many, on the contrary, finish sexual contact with this caress. By the way, some profligates allow to do the termination on a breast, is more rare - on the face, but only, of course, for an additional fee.


Anal sex


Quite often anal sex as a main type of services also occurs in questionnaires of prostitutes. Especially often "wild kitties" who delighted with this process practice an anal those. And there is a lot of such libertines, believe. So, not only representatives of a strong half of mankind delighted with anal penetration. But there are also those women of easy virtue who just wish to receive an additional fee for this service. At such seductresses anal sex is already in the category of additional services. But also that and others have anal sex only in condom, using surely, at the same time, lubricant for more comfortable penetration.


Massage and striptease


In group of "innocent" services also massage and striptease, often nonprofessional. Massage can be also executed not at the top level, but there are also such professionals who studied some of his technicians, among which, for example and such exotic types as "an Oriental cherry branch", massage all over and so on. Many prostitutes, especially those which will rank themselves as individuals or elite prostitutes learned to dance professionally a striptease to build the client to the most advanced stage of excitement. And such girls really know how from a half-turn to bring the man. But, respectively, and the cost of such here professional services will be decent.


Role-playing games


Such type of intimate leisure as role-playing games are something between the main and additional services of "moths". Because they also are quite often in profiles of prostitutes. The main can be considered those which are more or less traditional, for example, a "innocent" performance with participation of the schoolgirl and teacher where everything comes to an end with magnificent mutual sex and so forth. Role-playing games with domination, especially, rigid submission are already the category of more expensive pleasures and not each seductress is ready for it.