Salon or the street maid what to choose

Today one of the most ancient professions of the prostitute which is so despised by sanctimonious society in last times, and quite accepted by our contemporaries gives to many girls the chance to earn, deriving at the same time pleasure. Most of nice students and the missing housewives address her in search of rather easy money. She does not require no vocational education, only attractive appearance and a seductive body. Certainly, the erudite courtesan is much more in great demand at exacting clients, however, nobody at the same time demands a university crust.


The salon or street girl?It is known that each adequate adult male dreams to possess the liberated woman open for sexual experiments. But not each constant partner is ready to provide that it is possible to receive for money from the skillful prostitute:


  • Not any girl agrees to anal sex, thereby losing also the partner of novel pleasure. The skilled libertine readily substitutes the seductive back, finishing at the same time together with the client;
  • Most of men hesitate to request urological massage to the constant companion, but very willingly allow playful fingers of the professional profligate in the undercover openings;
  • At additional expense seductresses allow to cut themselves. Quite rigid sexual game madly excites;
  • The lesbian show will be staged to you by the skilled temptress. The client who is excited to a limit by erotic entertainments of seductresses, can taste sexual pleasure from each participant of an experiment.


Advantages intim of salon before the street prostitute


If you are not afraid of extreme entertainments and wish sharpness of feelings, it is possible to remove the selling maiden in some gate. However, the expected pleasure will be very doubtful. First of all, lack of suitable conditions for elementary hygiene can push away quite specific smell of intimate places of such beauty.


Besides, you do not want to bring the shady character into the apartment. Therefore it is necessary to be content, at best, with a poor room with ragged prehistoric furniture, and in the worst, to use thickets or a bench in the next park.


Also huge doubts are raised by professionalism of the street maid. Affected ooh and ah and insincere delights will not be able to replace with your sexual abilities the true skill of the skilled courtesan.


Undoubtedly, much bigger appeal magnificent apartments intim of salons of Dolgoprudny have. It is much more pleasant to derive pleasure in rather comfortable conditions. The cozy atmosphere, convenient furniture with the linen shining purity and fresh towels in the bathroom washed to gloss, undoubtedly, are worth it small percent which is raised by administration of salon.


Caring for faultless reputation, intim salons are quite exacting to selection of the employees. Here drunkards and addicts are not late, all girls think of the health much. A necessary condition is regular medical examination that guarantees safety to guests of salon.


It should be noted that frequenters intim of salons decided on the best way of the choice of the place of intimate leisure long ago. On the website MosDosug the most popular institutions of Dolgoprudny from which it is possible to choose the next or the most convenient in the transport relation are presented.


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